Quickly add photo album URLS to your bulk ebay CSV files using iCloud and Google Photos

Try this on www.delimiti.com

 Utilize this feature to view iOS or Google albums and access links to images. 

 Take pictures on your phone, create a shared album and import in one click. 


Enable IMG on the Template Administration page to take advantage of Google Photo Album viewing

Once IMG is enabled on a column set FLD value to force a maximum number of image fields

Image fields can be configured to show 3 but allow 12 or more photos depending on the maximum allowed

  • eBay allows up to 12 whereas Etsy only allows 10


UPDATE  NO  66  9  36  -3  SAVE AS NEW  SAVE AS MASTER  ADD ROW  NEW  DEF  3000  New Filename  INCL  FLD  1.25  1.25  SEP  EDTR  [3  CREATE  TIPS  NET-MAK-  TINYMCE  IMG  COL  CustomLa  Condition  *Conditio  PicURL  *Category  StoreCate  CLBL  VAL  Add  1000, 150C  9355  VLBL  N, NO,MR,'  MAX  REQD  SRCH



Once these values are set and saved to the album, new files created will display the album options




Click "Album" to begin displaying your photo album

  • Note: Albums are displayed, not imported.  Please do not delete photos from your album.


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