PDF to word document automation configuration, create large documents from fillable PDFs

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Import Fillable PDF Templates using Template Administration

Sorting and Importing values to correct fields


Format PDF Fields

Using your PDF editor, name your fields accordingly to optimize import. (Optional)

Imported Fields showing incorrect order?

Order Imported Fields using # to sort by as the suffix


Name = Name#1

Phone = Phone#2

Address = Address#3 Address_City#3 Address_State#3 Address_Zip#3 (Configure several parts of same field)

Note: Fields will import in this order Name, Phone, Address


Map fields with options using _ (underscore) to configure options such as check boxes or radio options

Question #5 What are your favorites activities? Walking, Running, Fishing


FavoriteActivities_Walking#5, FavoriteActivities_Running#5, FavoriteActivities_Fishing#5


Tag Options

To merge field options like Shirt_Large#10 in Word documents, use the full option name configured in the template.  So for example, I want to insert the size of the shirt option only if Large was selected, I would do it this way.


I like T-Shirts but I always only choose large shirts.  Within my invoice if I chose the large size I want the choice to appear next to the image of the large shirt.  I chose the large shirt by tagging it like this, Shirt_Large#10.




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