Create and Share bulk CSV files with team and outsource listing to virtual assistants

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Visit Templates, select Load/Share Files or Templates

delimiti  Template Administration  Import Data Entries  Sign Out  Help  Choose a CSV file or drop here „  Load/Share templates and files

Select a Template from the drop down (Multiple selections are allowed)

Saved templates and entries  @ TEMPLATES C) DATA ENTRIES  Search...  LOAD


Choose to give Admin access (Full access to template editing and details)

Choose "Send Copy" or "Share" radio button. 

  • Sharing gives multiples users the ability to access the file or Template simultaneously
  • Shared file access can be revoked
  • Send Copy will send a copy of the file or template to the user (This is not reversible)


Enter username to share with, i.e. myusername, click Send

Saved templates and entries  @TEMPLATES C) DATA ENTRIES  temp  REMOVE  C) Send Copy @ Share C] Hide  myusername  SEND  REVOKE

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